Middle Age Dating Challenges

Dating in middle age presents many of the same challenges as relationship at any era:

-Where do you find someone to date?

-Once you’ve discovered them, how do you know if they are the one?

-How can you protect your self while remaining vulnerable enough to fall in love?

Rather, I will share with you that the 3 super groovy advantages of dating in mid age:

Advantage # 1: Traditional Roles and Relationships Don’t Apply
Women nowadays are educated, professionals, and also have the tools to supply for themselves. They like having their own place and own area, and do not need their lives to be centered on a single person.

In fact, based on recent studies, more than half of elderly singles say the best things about being single are independence and personal freedom.

This freedom allows you to throw off the idea of a traditional relationship and co-create one along with your spouse that suits you both. It could mean (re)union, companionship and fun, or bodily intimacy–in almost any combination. You’ve got the resources to select.

Gain # 2: You Know What You Want
There is something about the wisdom of middle age which helps cut through the bologna and evokes authentic reflection of needs, expectations, and feelings.

There’s less fear about placing it all online because your wisdom tells you it’s better to find out today if you are a fantastic match instead of waiting for later. He was straight, daring, and didn’t play games. He knew what he desired, and he proceeded with optimism…” His candor helped both he and Treva know where they stood from the beginning and solidified that the relationship was worth pursuing.

By directly expressing your emotions and expectations, you may find, as Michael Liberatore did, that the best thing about finding love later in life would be”…understanding myself and what I will tolerate…I do not put up with the things I did when I was young and didn’t realize I needed to ask for exactly what I needed instead of just waiting and hoping for it”

And speaking of knowing what you want…

Edge # 3: The Three-Date Rule Does Not Apply
You are grown. If you and your date are feeling it, then do it. No one in midlife is going to think you’re cheap or simple if you give it up on the initial date. You merely understand what you want, aren’t afraid to get it, and have the wisdom to understand that it does not mean love, it signifies s-e-x. If you have a true connection with a person, it is not likely to end after a single night. It’s going to last and potentially blossom into something satisfying for the two of you.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you to practice safe sex. In 2013, the CDC reported that 21 percent of new HIV diagnoses were in people over 50. As well as from 2015 to 2016, there was a 20% jump in sexually transmitted infections among Americans 45 and older.

Exercise Super Groovy Advantage # 2 and say no more to anyone who isn’t ready to defend you or themselves. Educate yourself and be prudent.
Although relationship in any age has its o

wn challenges, you, as a middle-aged dater, have three distinct benefits: Traditional roles and relationships do not apply. You have the freedom to style your own relationshipYou have the knowledge to understand exactly what you want and the candor to ask for ita.nd

3. The three-date principle does not apply.
Celebrate your midlife, my buddy, and remain super groovy!